Polyester Acoustic Panel

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  T-Max : Environmentally Friendly Polyester Acoustical Insulation, T-MAX is made of 100% of Polyester fiber, is has
been developed to replacement Glass wool, Rock wool, Urethane foam, and Styrofoam. This product can be recycled.

Especially, T-MAX Polyester acoustic insulation made with polyester acoustic panel is a great eco-friendly product, and 100 % of pure polyester is used. Our polyester acoustic insulation is non toxic properties, easy to recycle, semi-permanent and highly durable. Polyester acoustic insulation will give you many benefits to use. Check our website for more information of polyester acoustic insulation
T-Board : T-BOARD is a sound absorbing panel developed with environmental friendliness in mind.
acoustic panel
T-BOARD is the hard of T-MAX. T-BOARD is our sound absorption material that is developed by our new method of development. It is made with T-MAX standard sound absorption, and is epoch-making new material. Our new material is getting the spotlight and supplying to big construction sites. Check our website for more information of sound absorption material.

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HUEINTEK, INC is an environmentally friendly company which produces 100% pure Polyester insulation, sound block sheet, Polyester Acoustic Insulation, etc. Also we produce acoustic foam. Those insulation products are based on sound absorption material. T-MAX will try hard to produce great quality of polyester acoustic panel so that our customers meet their needs, and we become the best in the world.

acoustic panel acoustic panel acoustic panel acoustic panel acoustic panel acoustic panel
Polyester is more cost effective than any other materials, providing people of all budgets with an option to consider the benefits of both. This delivers outstanding insulation in ceilings and walls.
The most obvious contribution to the environment of T-MAX insulation is the improvement in the thermal efficiencies of buildings, which in turn greatly aids in the reduction of energy use and greenhouse gas production.
T-MAX products are made from 100% polyester fiber, bonded using heat instead of traditional chemical binders. Polyester is naturally resistant to fire, moisture, vermin, insects, mould and bacteria, eliminating the need for any chemical additives.
By adding absorptive material to the office interior surfaces we can control the sound quality of the building’s interior. We need to take into account what each office space is going to be used for and then introduce appropriate solutions to control the different frequencies and pressure levels of sound most likely to be produced in that space.
Hueintek, Inc.continues research and development to discover other uses for ‘natural’ fibers with unmatched properties and unfulfilled potential. Hueintek, Inc. is committed to its focus of saving energy, and using safe, and soft natural fibers. By manufacturing eco-friendly insulation, Hueintek is paving the way for consumers and the building industry to make a significant contribution to the problem of global warming, through reduced heating and cooling costs.
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